Bob White Award

The ODHFS Bob White Award

The ODHFS has for many years designated a member of the organization
for their exemplary work being part of the ODHFS.

This award is intended to be an annual recognition that is announced
at the ODHFS Annual Meeting.

The designee receives the highest honor we bestow – The Bob White Award.
This award was named after, you guessed it – Bob White!
Bob was a former member of the ODHFS who passed away suddenly in May of 1995.

The directors take this award very seriously in first deciding to nominate someone
they feel from their region is deserving and second have the stats to
back it up to the other directors who will be voting.

Here are some of the things that dictate how this person or persons are chosen:

  • Must be an ODHFS member in good standing.
  • Must be based on work completed during preceding calendar year
  • and cannot consider work over time.
  • Must help promote the ODHFS in events attending, a particular job or project,
    volunteering their time and efforts to enhance the ODHFS.
  • Does not have to own a fire truck. It is not a volume award either,
    meaning it’s not who did the most events in a year.

The award is nominated by the Regional Directors and voted on at the Annual Meeting
by the Directors. The award is then presented at same meeting.

Here are some of the past recipients of the Bob White Award!


1997 - Tommy Price (left) presented by Tom Herman (right)

1998 - The Mouldens (left) presented by Rocky Keplinger (right)

1999 - Chuck Malone

    2000 - Wayne Kidd


2001 - Don Crites

             2002 - Rocky Keplinger    

   2003 - Jack Sullivan

       2004 - Pat Bahen & Sharon Urofsky

2005 - Bruce Harding

2006 - Bill Jones Sr.

2007 - Steve Hall

2008 - Paul E. Rogers

2009 - Tom Sharpley

2010 - Members of Engine Company #4

2011 - Tom & Debbie Herman

2012 - William Bailey

A Bob White Award was not presented in 2013

2014 - Gary Hoerman (left)

2015 - Clyde Clark

2016 - Karl Ehlshlager

2017 - Mike Sanders (right)

2018 - Richard Moss (left) presented by Paul Lamp (C) and Dennis Keane (R)


2019 - ODHFS Treasurer George Mills

A Bob White Award was not presented in 2020 due to Covid-19 Restrictions and lack of club activity

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